Our Pre- K Program prepares children for kindergarten with a curriculum that develops skills in all primary areas of learning and stimulates curiosity beyond a Pre-School level. Children learn in a safe and happy atmosphere with an experienced and college educated staff, which are trained and prepared to work with the children each day.

The Pre-Kindergarten Program focuses on:

LANGUAGE: The Pre-Kindergarten Program focuses on English language arts skills.
By learning preparatory language skills, a child will have more confidence and a greater desire to read and write upon entering kindergarten.

MATHEMATICS: Children build on preschool mathematical skills and experiences to include; patterns and relations, shapes and spatial sense, measurement, and to collect and analyze.

SCIENCE: The Pre-K science curriculum includes inquiry skills, earth science, and activities about living things and their environment.

PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT: Children build body awareness, strength and coordination by taking part in locomotion activities. Fine motor skills strengthen
hand grasp and flexibility to accomplish a pencil grip.

SOCIAL SCIENCE: Social awareness is built on a child’s experiences in their family, school, and community, and the celebration of holidays. Learning materials and projects expand social awareness in school.

LEARNING THE ARTS: The goal of Arts education is to develop a child’s expressiveness and creativity through the following: movement, dance, music, and using a wide variety of art materials.