Preschool offers a new learning experience every day for a child at Westport Country Day School. The Preschool years are the appropriate time in the life of a child to learn social development, experience self -discovery, and to begin exploring the world around them through learning. Our program has successfully prepared children for Kindergarten with an experienced staff, nurturing environment, and a curriculum that encourages a child to think, reason, experiment, formulate ideas, and become independent.

“Curriculum Frameworks”, a learning program developed by the Board of Education in Massachusetts for Preschool, is incorporated into our program to include a broad range of learning skills, with a focus on the language arts.

The Pre-School Program focuses on:

LANGUAGE: Children learn skills that build a solid foundation in English language arts.

MATHEMATICS: Children engage in mathematical experiences through the school day. Pre-School activities build an understanding of numbers and concepts.

SCIENCE: Fostering young children’s sense of curiosity about the natural world promotes interest in science. Children learn hands-son with appropriate science tools.

PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT: There is a strong emphasis on both gross and fine motor development activities. Children develop skills and confidence using their bodies and the equipment they play with.

SOCIAL SCIENCE: The Pre-school curriculum helps children to acquire the knowledge, skill, and attitudes needed in community life. School rules, sharing, and respect become part of a child’s day.

LEARNING THE ARTS: The goal of Arts education is to develop a natural curiosity, expressiveness, and creativity through movement, dance, music and by using art materials.