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Program Activity

Westport Country Day School offers a Program Plan of Daily Activities that offer learning in four areas of development for young children, and two creative areas of development. The daily activities are planned to offer routine, however it is flexible to include field trips, police and fire department education programs, holiday celebrations, and other kinds of unexpected learning opportunities (a squirrel building a nest in view of the children). We also incorporate learning areas form the MA Department of Education “Curriculum Frameworks;” Social Studies, Science, Technology, Drama and more.

The Program Activity Plan engages children in learning activities.

· A planned routine of learning and play activities.

· Children can participate in an activity of their choice; during indoor play and outdoor play. A child can choose to play alone or with peers.

· Indoor play activities offer a variety of choices; art literature, drama, Science and experimentation with manipulative materials. Children’s music tapes are also available for listening and singing.

· Weather permitting, children are outside for 60-90 minutes each day, except on winter days when it is not safe to be outside for an extended period of time. Children can choose tricycle riding, basketball, soccer, using a climbing toy, various size balls to bounce or play catch and swings when they are outdoors.

· Children interact with peers and staff throughout the day. There is more opportunity for conversation during play and lunch. The staff ALWAYS listens to a child who politely has something to say.

· There are three scheduled times each day for reading to children; morning, after lunch, and before outdoor play in the afternoon. Books and cushions are available to children in the classrooms.

· Teachers assist children to learn self-help skills. With practice and improved fine motor skills, children need less assistance.

· Social and emotional development increases when a child participates in the activities of a school program with children and teacher assistance.

· WCDS uses learning materials (posters that can be displayed and used for group discussion), ethnic baby dolls that children can use at playtime, and books that can be read to children about cultural, social and individual diversity.

· Teachers use learning materials to build cognitive skills; sort, compare, classify, count, measure, patterns, make graphs, make predictions and use representation.

· Teachers make a healthy snack with their group each month. The Pre-Kindergarten group makes a cookbook with their teacher. Food pictures help children identify foods into the four food groups. “Kids Country Store,” a drama, helps teach children to shop for healthy foods. Children learn good health habits with teaching materials and individual and group instructions. Children are instructed about personal safety and learn rules they must follow indoors and outdoors to avoid injury.

· A child with a disability will receive accommodations that the school is able to provide to help that child participate in the program.

· Toddlers move freely during indoor morning and afternoon play, indoor gross motor activities, and outdoor morning and afternoon play.