Under the guidance of qualified staff, our Toddler Program focuses on primary developmental needs. Our goal is to create a positive, nurturing environment to better prepare toddlers for their preschool experience

The Toddler curriculum focuses on:

FINE MOTOR SKILLS: Toddlers acquire finger and hand flexibility by using a variety of 
manipulative toys and learning materials.

GROSS MOTOR SKILLS: Toddlers develop large muscles taking part in outdoor and indoor activities that improve balance, walking, and co-ordination.

EMOTION AND SOCIAL SKILLS: Toddlers experience joy and frustration as they learn and play. Staff provides individual guidance to children teaching them how to work and play with others.

COMMUNICATION SKILLS: Our experienced staff encourages toddlers to put their wants and needs into words. Toddlers expand communication through song, finger plays, and listening to stories read aloud.

COGNITIVE SKILLS: Toddlers begin to understand their environment from learning activities and 
exploring their surroundings. The children begin to identify and play with toys, find shapes and colors in their classroom, and follow simple directions.